Meet the Team – Alex Long

Meet Alex Long, one of the physiotherapists in our team

I am the Lead Physiotherapist for the Sleep and Ventilation service at St Bartholomew’s
Hospital, and additionally manage some other respiratory services.

I work within a multi-disciplinary team to manage patients who require home NIV, CPAP and
MiE (cough assist) devices, who I see on the ward, in outpatients and in their home.

What is your interest in HMV?
I am passionate about health inequality and ensuring that all users have access to home
ventilation and resources around this.

When did you join the HMViP?
I joined the HMViP in 2023.

What do you personally hope to see the group achieve?
I would like to see the group being able to reach all of those on home ventilation, providing equal access and clear information for service users. By providing education to health care providers and promoting links across community, I hope the group can raise the profile of HMV.