Meet the Team – Jon Palmer

Jon Palmer, Home Mechanical Ventilation in Partnership (HMViP)

Consultant Nurse at University Hospitals, Plymouth

Can you introduce yourself?
Consultant Nurse for Home Ventilation University Hospitals Plymouth. Provides clinical leadership for patients in Devon and Cornwall who require or may require long-term ventilation at home.

What is your interest in HMV?
I have been working with patients who need HMV for almost 20 years. It is the impact of treatment in terms of enhancing quality of life improvements, for some patients it’s life-changing and for many the increase in length of life that interests me. HMV is such a simple therapy, yes it can have its complexities, but the outcomes can be extraordinary and it is an incredible experience working with it.

When did you join the HMViP?
I was one of the original members when the group was set up in 2019.

What do you personally hope to see the group achieve?
To continue to support and help patients and HCPS when using HMV as I have seen that it can make such a massive difference to people’s lives.