Meet the Team – Gillian Gibbons

Gillian Gibbons, Secretariat and member of the Steering Group, Home Mechanical Ventilation in Partnership (HMViP)

Can you introduce yourself?
I’m a healthcare PR and Communications consultant by profession but my role within HMViP is to operate the secretariat.

My primary function in the group is to work with the members to move forward our agreed projects and to support the group in order to achieve our goals.

What is your interest in HMV?
During the past 12 years I’ve worked with the OSA Partnership Group (which I chair) and the OSA Alliance (for which I also run the secretariat) and have developed an interest in respiratory medicine. Since setting up HMViP with the other founding members, I have had direct contact with patients who use HMV and have seen first-hand the positive impact that HMV has on their lives and those of their family and carers.

When did you join the HMViP?
Along with Paddy Murphy, Martin Allen and Mark Elliot, I was a founding member of the group.

What do you personally hope to see the group achieve?
To raise awareness of the potential benefits of HMV to improve quality of life, reduce hospital admissions and to extend life expectancy among the patient community with conditions such as COPD and Neuromuscular conditions. In addition, to secure greater access to HMV as a treatment option across the UK as a whole.